Nimbus 9

New England's Favorite Party Band

Nimbus 9 offers the most acclaimed, dynamic, and engaging wedding experience in New England. Their unrivaled passion for a good party means that the celebration of your big day will be one for the record books. This Berklee College of Music-trained band boasts an eclectic catalog from timeless classics, to the consummate modern dance songs to get each and every one of your guests up on their feet and having a blast. 

The Nimbus 9 wedding experience features options for live ceremony music, cocktail hour entertainment, and, of course, the capstone reception party! In between, frontman Joey Bolduc spins classic wedding tunes and handles the night as Master of Ceremonies, keeping everything flowing beautifully.  

To learn more of what Nimbus 9 has to offer on your big day, request a quote and start planning today!

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